5 reasons to use a Travel Agent after the pandemic

We know that traveling after a pandemic is something new for everyone.

But dealing with the unknowns of traveling for the first time can make any business or vacation traveler feel a bit weird.

Booking a trip through your travel agent has never been more important, and today we tell you the five most important reasons.

1. We reduce waiting times. US airlines are seeing record volumes as restrictions are lifted, and travelers have experienced wait times of more than two, three and four hours to contact a reservation agent on some of the largest airlines in the country. Did you know that even in the busiest hours, your travelers can reach a world travel agent in minutes? Booking through your TMC or travel agent gives you access to priority support. Don’t get stuck at the airport counter with 100 other frustrated travelers. Just call or text your travel agent and they will help you with any changes or requests you may have.

2. We help you understand the new requirements. Vaccine passports, COVID tests, mask mandates… The new travel landscape can be confusing for even the smartest traveler. Your agents and TMC spend hours each day reviewing any new or changed requirements. At Corporate Travel, we’ve even taken the time to create a comprehensive website, WorldAlert360, so travelers can check out all of their post-COVID travel questions.

3. We help with duty of care. If this pandemic has taught us anything, it is that knowing where your travelers are at all times is essential. While we sincerely hope that the world will never close again, monitoring the location of our travelers is not only important, it is imperative. Booking all travel (plane, car, hotel) through your travel agent ensures that you have access to all important travel data. Our team offers 24/7 support, 365 days a year through our award-winning online helpdesk. Agents use systems to anticipate itinerary interruptions and delays before they affect travelers’ travel and make changes when necessary.

4. We help with unused entries. Unused tickets … you probably got out of the pandemic with some of those, huh? When the pandemic began, airlines were grappling with an estimated $ 35 billion global refund obligation, according to Business Travel News. Ensuring our customers could access those unused ticket funds was crucial to us. In addition to processing our customers’ unused tickets promptly to ensure that applicable exemptions and valid tickets are used before expiration, we went to work to improve our unused ticket reporting systems to reflect higher volume. and have additional metrics. We moved quickly to develop technology enhancements that provide accessible unused ticket information to travel managers and consulting teams.

5. We can save you money. Gone are the days of $ 58 tickets to Florida. Airports and planes are full once again, and since many airlines have yet to return to their pre-COVID flight schedule, fares are going up. Booking with your travel agent, or even your online booking tool, gives you access to many options to ensure that you and your travelers get the best value for your trip.

Therefore, leave us the travel arrangements because it is what we do best. That way, you can focus on a safe and successful return to the trip.

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